Entry #2

RPG Battling Dice!

2013-09-10 02:07:21 by sKELLzNG

A mobile turn-based RPG depicts a University that is being infiltrated by creatures from an open portal into a deadly alternate universe. The Students and Professors weapons against these vile yet quirky beasts are ancient dice used in battle to roll higher numbers and deliver devastating blows. The higher the roll the higher your character can attack, heal, or defend themselves. Each roll amplifies your chances for critical damage. Each dice in your hand is a unique entity, your dice can level up and even evolve into stronger dice, where some can roll sixes more often than others. Once your dice have evolved you can perform "die-fusion" where you fuse your dice together to create special types of dice, such as battle dice, healing dice, and defense dice.

Made by an indie studio based out in Orlando, FL. Funding the game will finally get this intriguing dice battling RPG in your hands, your PC, and your phone.

Take a closer look. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/terncraftgames/neo-victorian-skirmish-squad/?ref=kicktraq


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